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I received my Bachelor’s dual degree in Japanese and Linguistics in the lovely Swarthmore College in 2014. After accepting a Fulbright Research Fellowship in language and digital media in Okinawa, Japan, I joined the East Asian Languages and Cultures department at Stanford University. I completed my Master’s dissertation in 2018 and am now a PhD Candidate studying the history of Japanese media, science, and technology.

My dissertation, “Deaf Media: A Genealogy of Assistive Technology and Communications in Japan” explores how the cultural and technical dimensions of Deaf assistive technologies from hearing aids to subtitles to algorithmic sign language have impacted language, communications infrastructures, popular media, and the lives of minority populations in a diversifying Japan.

Outside of academics, I have advocated for disability rights at Stanford in a variety of positions, such as ASSU Executive Disability Advocacy Co-Director and Executive Director of the Abilities Hub, Stanford’s disability community space. I also enjoy playing the piano and Shogi (Japanese chess).

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In Ishikawa, Kanazawa Prefecture in 2012.

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